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GUYS!!!! We’re so damn sorry!!! And by saying ‘sorry’ we mean ‘really sorry’, for abandoning this blog for so long and not posting. We’ve been so busy since we’re now at 12th grade and 12th grade is apparently really hard. But everything’s cool.
And we don’t know yet whether to write again or no because we’re focusing on our score and this college thing, so we’ll see. But hey, we just remembered that we haven’t completely introduced ourselves! So this is us, from right to left: Adis, Hana, Kay. We got awesome name, didn’t we? 😉 and we apparently didn’t get the one-million-rupiahs but that’s fine. Serving you our writings would mean so much more :):)


which kind of journey will you have?

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YO WHAT’S UP?! Been very long time since our last post, right? So the holiday had not actually begun but we’d spent sometimes going to the beach to celebrate our farewell. Being with amazing people and good views and good dishes and some underwater tours for 3 days was surely fun dan refreshing.

Holiday will officially begin in the next Monday and last for 2 weeks WHICH MEANS we unofficially had about a month for our holiday. HOLY-DAY! This is good. So, speaking of holiday I’ve got a couple of books to share right now related to some places –unique places– you might want to visit during your holiday.

The Journeys is a book which combines 12 different stories from 12 different writers in 12 different styles of writing. They share some of their experiences they got when they went to some places back then. Raditya Dika’s visit to Utrecht and the funny moment he got there, Ve Handojo’s amazing trip to Tel Aviv, Windy Ariestanty’s unexpected journey in Lucerne, etc. I’ve been reading the book, as well, and I think it’s interesting. Especially because I’ve always wanted to travel around the world. You know, seeing places and meeting people, learning languages and tasting foods. That’s gotta be so awesome!!!!

The second one is The Naked Traveler 3. Yes, this is the third book of Trinity’s trip journal. I’ve read the first and second one and they’re very good. She happens to be a real ‘naked’ traveler, you know? I mean, she travels to wherever she wants to and the places were never usual. She does not seem really care about the places she’s going to visit, it’s the journey she gets that matters. If you have been to Lombok, Raja Ampat, Florence, Tokyo or other places like that, Trinity’s going to bring you there in definitely different routes.

Like Buddha says, “It’s better to travel well than to arrive.” :)cheers!

final exam #intense!!!!

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Howdy!!!! How are you guys? It’s been long enough since our last post, 3BRILLIANTS have been quiet busy because of our final exam preparation. But making a little update won’t do any harm though. So there were a lot of reviews and summary to read, we’ve got a lot of studying to do this weekend. Oh what a weekend, don’t you think? And we did some repeating to our exam because the score didn’t meet the passing grade…..which was so frustrating.
AND, last wednesday were our last day together as a class. It was kind of emotional. Besides ourselves that have been working on this blog together, all the people in our class –XI IPA 1– were totally brilliant as well (mentioning ourselves brilliants) haha. They are so smart, so good, so funny, so silly, they’re beyond words. They’re the best people you can befriend. This sophomore year was the best year at school so far.
So really, how are you guys doing? How is your school?? Seriously, let us know. AND, wish us luck for our final exam.


the system.

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Hi guys! How’re you doing? I’m doing good myself but school’s a little bit annoying lately. Am posting via cellphone, by the way, isn’t that sophisticated??? Well, school’s a little bit annoying lately. There was supposed to be 2 exams this week but they’re been postponed so we need to keep some lesson material in our head longer which usually don’t happen. YES, we tend to forget our lesson right after it’s tested. Then we refresh the mind so another lesson material can fill in. What happen to me and the other students is –I think– that we go to school to socialise and try to get good score and getting knowledge would be the smallest part of it.
By the way, based on some articles I read, Indonesia has the hardest education system in the world, together with Holland. YES, studying in here is so hard. There’s so many things to study and we often don’t get the concept and sometimes it’s hard to understand completely and we forget them in the end.
Difficulty doesn’t guarantee, you know? It’s the system. Who to blame?


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Ok so maybe some of you who read this article’s title will ask the same question. ‘What is lerakproject?’

Lerak project is an eco-friendly program that made by SMA Labschool Kebayoran students who join the Young Green Leaders camp and the project competition. The project is about using an eco-friendly soap that made from Lerak. What is lerak? Lerak is a seed that usually used for washing and cleaning things, but it’s more popular for washing batik. It also has an insecticide on it seed.

The Lerak Project changed our conventional hand soap at school toilets to lerak soap. They also made posters and twitter to persuade people using lerak soap because it’s more eco friendly.

Their hardwork is finally paid off. They won as the 3rd place in Young Green Leaders Competition 2011. Congratulation! But even the awarding is over, lerakproject is still on going. Now they join the ‘Forum Sekolah Hijau Indonesia (FSHI)’ a forum of students who cares about the environment issues.

So, have you use the lerak soap today?


my previous holiday

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Ok, so I don’t really have something to tell right now. But considering that this was actually going to be a narrative writing, let’s give you some story then.

My previous holiday was…okay. Not really good and not so bad, it went pretty well. I basicly did nothing during the holiday. I didn’t do the homeworks at all and I watched a couple of dvds and downloaded some musics. Those are pretty good actually, but compared to my friends who were going out of town and seeing concerts those were pretty flat, too. I went to Puncak though for a couple of days, stayed in a villa of my aunt’s. We were lucky not to be trapped in a jam, which usually occurs on Saturday and I spent the whole day sleeping or updating on Twitter. Pretty lifeless, too. I couldn’t sleep at night, my neck was extremely stiff and I got headache. I tried to close my eyes but my brother was snoring so extreme, like a rhino’s soul being yanked out from its body. And I still had the headache in the morning. My brother finally had the interest to learn swimming and he learned fast, I can tell. The whole family left at ten and had lunch in a streetside restaurant, the foods were  apparently really good. We got home at one and I continued watching dvds. It was ‘Secretariat’, a true story movie about an owner of a horsefarm and she has that big-fast-red stallion which show up as a race champion. It was pretty inspiring and arousing because I’ve always liked horses and have always wanted to ride  a horse like that, you know, like a jockey’s being fired up on the track. 🙂


This week, holiday and so on.

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Hello everyone! How’s your holiday? Mine was beyond amazing, even though the first several days of my holiday was so-so.  On the first day of holiday, I have pretty much doing nothing at home so my Mom asked me to accompany her preparing dresses for my cousin’s wedding next month. She always love this ‘making dresses’ stuff whilst i didn’t really enjoy it. I wonder why? Haha. But since i have nothing to do so i decided to go with her, and so on.

Time flies. and it’s friday already. Friday was a public holiday so i had a quality time with my family. We’re having a great time, while i’m still looking for my Justin Bieber concert ticket. Yes, he’s going to held a concert the next day and i’m a huge fan of him. I already booked 2 tickets for me and my friend but i can’t pick my tickets up that day so i was kinda freaking out. But at least i’m happy to knew that he’s already in town with his girlfriend Selena Gomez. They are really in Jakarta!

And finally, the day that i’ve been waiting for has come. I’m going to see Justin Bieber live in concert. I went to gandaria in the morning to pick my tickets and i finally got it! I went home, preparing my stuff for the concert and went to Pacific Place later to meet up with my friends. We’re going to the venue together. On our way to the venue, we sang along to Justin’s song while talking about the fact that we are going to see Justin, live. We still can’t believed that he actually came here to Indonesia. The concert started on 7.30 pm. Indonesian band, Gruvi opened the concert with 3 songs. And later, Justin’s DJ, DJ Tay James showed up and played up beat songs while waiting for Justin. Justin finally showed up and the crowd screamed like crazy. People sang along to all of his songs, including me. He sang about 15 songs  and dance pretty well. He finally end the concert with the hit song ‘Baby’. The concert was beyond amazing. I really enjoyed it i even had a sore throat  afterwards because i sing to every song he sang. That was definitely one of the best day of my life and the highpoint of my holiday. I hope he’ll come to Indonesia again one day!